Norwegian Wood Pickers


Norwegian Wood Pickers

An unique series of handmade guitar picks from selected norwegian woods, created to enhance the richness of the tone of the guitar. I have created visual content for this brand and have given it a complete package for further growth. The goal was to present the story in a credible way, emphasizing that the products are made with caution, enthusiasm and admiration for wood as the perfect material for the production of Fine Tiny Musical Instruments™.

The Story

Short film about the persons and the story behind Norwegian Wood Pickers™ custom guitar picks. This video was filmed & produced just by me (expect a few scenes filmed by Thor himself).


Made in different variations and type of applications. This is the most common used.


A selection of printed materials. With the focus on quality paper that are usually recycled. Different forms of application such as print screen or stamp to keep this down to earth and cheap in self production.


Exclusive goods deserve special packaging. Carefully selected and designed cards with stamped and handwritten information about the product. Handmade wood boxes, cloth etc.


Fully responsive and comprehensive web page with different types of content and typography usage.