Melo na Molo 2020

Special year made many cars meet to suffer. Syndykat could legally arrange Germanfest International 2020 at the beginning of September. The mail idea escalated from the “Canceled” event, that took place in Juni. I’ve actually got this idea while working back on the last event, so the creation escalated quickly. I’ve ended up delivering a full profile for this event, that was kind of the follow-up of the opening-season event.

Always in place

Pizza boxes became a standard idem on Germanfest. Each year they get more attention to details. The idea was to have something to keep the boxes closed and to get them organized. Now, these stickers became a design part of the event profile.


T-shirts, identifications, and car stickers with start number and program are the main elements of the event profile. I’m trying to develop a T’shipr that represent a special event, but can be used on regular, without big dates and cheesy addons.


Just for fun – and of course for building a stronger brand. The idea with a big banner with event motive and sponsors has always been there. However, I try to keep it intact with other elements. I’ve got the idea to use board, to keep people informed about the program, sponsors, or just give them a little smile.