Diagonalt is an automotive visual arts project, created by Desagn Studio. We praise the inventions, personalities, and the aesthetics about classic Bayerische Motoren Werke cars. Along with graphic design taste and competences, we’ve created the Diagonalt – automotive visual arts project.

The idea

The idea was to signify the visual arts as a valuable asset. Asset emphasises the evocative expressions of aesthetic works drawn from automotive tradition. Crafted with an eye for thoughtful design, quality and craftsmanship. Diagonalt wants to offer variety of quality products of the iconic BMW models from the Golden Era. Desagn Studio have put a lot of effort into this project, to make sure that you are purchasing art products with the care it deserves.


Crafted with an eye for thoughtful design, quality and craftsmanship. It’s my contribution to automotive tradition – crafted with an eye for thoughtful design.