BMW Polish Club


BMW Polish Club

BMW Polish Club Norway was created by a small group of people passionate about this bavarian band. They decided to do something for their friends and aimed of uniting polish fans in Norway. Now the club is well recognizable in the environment and is represented by projects known on the world scale.

I stand behind the development of the visual concept with the most pressure on clothes and gadgets. I am an active member of the club and try to contribute with my skills in making film and photo documentations.


A little cut from a trip to GS Bildeler meeting in Bud.


Made in to variations short and long. Mostly used as different stickers on cars.


Various accesories were created for the promotion of the club and as gifts for members.


A selection of printed materials. With the focus on quality paper that are usually recycled. Different forms of application such as print screen or stamp to keep this down to earth and cheap in self production.