Syndykat Melo na Molo 2020 Special year made many cars meet to suffer. Syndykat could legally arrange Germanfest International 2020 at the beginning of September. The mail idea escalated from the "Canceled" event, that took place in Juni. I've actually got this idea while working back on the last event, so the creation escalated quickly. I've ended... Continue reading →
This time, the BMW calendar 2020 is on the new paper. The Diagonalt BMW Calendar 2020 The Diagonalt BMW Calendar 2020 delivers top quality in every sheet with ideal whiteness. This year, printed on the new, more sophisticated paper – Nautilus Classic. As a result, the touch and feel combined with the visual image gives... Continue reading →
A product series: does not exist Nie istnieje One of the sophisticated slogans for Syndykat grew stronger. Therefore, we decided to follow it further. We have already done several products with top models on the car scene. A collective of people promoting classic BMW style. Germanfest by Syndykat is currently the most prestigious brand on... Continue reading →
The best polish definition of germanstyle Syndykat A collective of people promoting classic BMW style. Germanfest by Syndykat is currently the most prestigious event of the international BMW scene. Great emphasis on quality, finish, and details – these features combined with the dark, low and wide climate have resulted in a unique tuning direction now known... Continue reading →
Hand made Diagonalt 18/19 It’s easy to let time fly by! Suddenly a quarter is gone and the long and dark winter project evenings are passé. Spring is a few days away! Thanks to BMW Koneser and Syndykat we’ve created this special edition of two thousand eighteen plus calendar. This edition covers you from April... Continue reading →
Product Full Metal Mug Next product design for Diagonalt - our automotive visual art project. Light, durable, enamelled metal drinking container. Very high quality polyester coating and interesting, all well-known look. They are suitable for milk, coffee, soup or brewing herbs and tea. Extremely easy to clean. Nostalgic A selection of classical bavarian models, presented individually on... Continue reading →
Product Heigh Chief by Heigh Chief. Heigh Chief is difficult to place musically and harder it was, when the best album come out. They do not like being defined, they do not like being stuck, they simply like doing the best they can. Writing, arranging and performing music they have written themselves and their performances... Continue reading →
Branding Diagonalt Diagonalt is an automotive visual arts project, created by Desagn Studio. We praise the inventions, personalities, and the aesthetics about classic Bayerische Motoren Werke cars. Along with graphic design taste and competences, we’ve created the Diagonalt – automotive visual arts project. The idea The idea was to signify the visual arts as a... Continue reading →
Profile Heigh Chief. Young and innovative band with its musical roots in the blues world. They have already made a name for themselves on the Norwegian and European market as a strong live band with original songs performed with energy and high-end musicality. Keep it simple I got to know the guys for a while and... Continue reading →
Branding Norwegian Wood Pickers An unique series of handmade guitar picks from selected norwegian woods, created to enhance the richness of the tone of the guitar. I have created visual content for this brand and have given it a complete package for further growth. The goal was to present the story in a credible way, emphasizing... Continue reading →
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